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011 — Join the cult

A bit of a departure for us in the history section here, but I never promised I’d stick to some kind of chronological order. In fact, I believe I promised otherwise. So, have you ever listened to Blue Oyster Cult?

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BtG! Portal 2

This is the first in a new “series.” I say “series” instead of series because it won’t necessarily be an every week thing, though I will in fact try to keep you updated every week, probably on Fridays. The thing is, there are probably only so many times you can hear “not much to say guys” before wanting to hunt me down with pitchforks.

This series is dedicated to me finishing video games. It’s titled “Beat that Game!” Or, in moments of stress, perhaps “Beat that Damn Game!”

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010 — Just hanging out with attractive people… who are childish in every way.

Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you got ahold of a time machine? Sure you have, or you, honestly, wouldn’t be here, would you? You’d be off doing something productive, like reading accounts of last night’s sporting events, or making money by buying stocks or something. Instead you’re here, with me, enriching your life at the cost of your work time. How many of you are ducking out of work, or reading in class, or something? So. You’ve considered what you’d do with a time machine. What was it? What would you do? I never did come up with a satisfactory answer. All the possibilities are paralyzing. I’m pretty sure going back to check out dinosaurs, that was one I definitely wanted to try. But then, I could get eaten. That would suck. Uh, transition: H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

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009 — Illicit Love Children

If I were to label sub-threads in our history pieces this would be under “non-genre fantasy.” Now, at this point nearly everything I’ve discussed is officially “non-genre,” since the fantasy genre didn’t exist until the 20th century. Specifically, people didn’t market books under a sign reading “fantasy” in a bookstore. That’s really narrow, of course, and I still consider most of the stuff I’ve covered so far fantasy in a better, more useful sense. But this book might not be considered fantasy by some, though it certainly must be, as it’s not a work of realism. What’s the book? The Scarlet Letter.

Wait, don’t close that tab yet! Seriously. Not only is The Scarlet Letter fantasy, it’s great. You should read it. If you’ve already read it, you need to read it again after reading this post right here.

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00* Thank this Book for Everything You’ve Ever Loved

I’ve been waiting for this. You guys will not believe how good this book is. It’s a really old one again, from the 1700s, and it’s one of the originals. You remember Castle of Otranto? Some people say this book’s more responsible for the Gothic than that book was. Oh yeah. Get ready for a treat: The Mysteries of Udolpho.

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