Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hot Time in the City. Of Bats.

OK, so I’m gonna level with you here. I didn’t get a copy of Batman: Arkham City until right at the end of last month. So I’m pretty late, right, I know. It didn’t keep me from playing it, you ass. Shut up. You and your playing games when they come out. Games are like cheese, right. They’ve gotta age. Something. Uh, there’s mold involved. Look, you get to punch guys. You need to know more? Jeez.

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The Dark Knight… falls all over himself.

It’s time again for one of those things – what do you call them? Oh. Posts that aren’t history-based. At least, this one isn’t really, but I guess it sort of is, except it’s not, and it’s not tagged as history… Well, never mind. What I’m trying to say is that we should talk about The Dark Knight Returns.

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