Monthly Archives: June 2012

015 — Eh, just dig a tunnel and get drunk in it. Apocalypse? Solved.

Here’s one there’s a really good chance you’ve read (in opposition to, say, The Night Land): War of the Worlds. It’s H. G. Wells time again here in the WW, and now we’re dealing with horrible aliens from outer space. Neat!

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Exploring the World You Create

Yes, Pontifus recently wrote about Bastion. I finally got around to finishing the game myself because I wanted to read what he wrote. And his piece is very good, but probably in a different direction. I’m going to take the (doubtlessly more obvious) route of talking about how Bastion is about fantasy. And if you haven’t played yet, the piece will be spoiler-free until the end, where I will insert large, easy-to-see warning tags, so you can read up to then and stop, if you’d like.

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Sword things. Then sworcery… uh. Sworcer…? Sworc? Wizard them.

I can say really wholeheartedly that you need to try Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. But I don’t really want to spend time recommending it to you. It’s basically a revamped point-and-click adventure game, with a few neat mechanics thrown in. The combat, when it appears, takes the form of a timing puzzle, really, with a button for sword and another for shield. The magic is point-and-click, taking the place of the traditional “does this item interact with anything in this room” mad-clicking. But I’m interested in what it does with fantasy. You know. Duh.

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