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Owls and Bats and Robins, oh my

A lot of you probably have Batman on the brain right now, what with The Dark Knight Rises opening last week and a crazy person noticing it would draw enough people to shoot at. Anyone who knows Batman, of course, knows the Aurora shooter wasn’t inspired by Batman. The Caped Crusader would have beat the shit out of that guy in time to get home for a delicious Alfred-cooked meal. This post isn’t about Dark Knight, though – I’ve seen it, but I usually like a little time to digest stuff. But Snyder’s first full storyline’s finished in Batman (the comic), so on to the Court of Owls!

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017 Well, I guess the rape was a natural outgrowth of… Um… Plot.

Have you heard of Matthew Lewis’s The Monk. Back in the day (the 18th century), this novel represented everything that was wrong with Gothic novels: it was lewd, violent, morbid, and encouraged people to question authority and religion. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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016 — oh God just step into a bar and buy a drink will you?

OK, so I’m talking about William Morris again. This time it’s not going to go so well. But let me lighten up your life a little before I drag you through a land of briars and disappointment. Here, look at this picture of William Morris. Just look at it. Damn, but he’s not fucking around, is he? That’s all I’ve got. Let’s start in on The Well at World’s End.

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