Photorealistic games

You might want to check out this Rock, Paper, Shotgun article on the comments of Christoph Hartmann, boss of 2K Games. In short, Hartmann claims that video games, to get at the kind of emotion movies provide, will need to achieve photorealistic graphics.

I’m mentioning it just because it goes in hand with what I said earlier about the Smithsonian’s video game exhibit, about it being fascinated by advances in technology rather than the artistry and emotion in the games. The RPS post says about all I’d want to say, except that I’d also mention that I still find it odd, to this day, that people, especially people in the gaming industry, compare games to movies. They’re visual, but so are comics. Comics and prose narrative are, to my mind, the closest analogues to video games, as they all have way more audience interaction than movies or tv shows.



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