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Octoberween video extravaganza!

Yes, the time has finally come! I made a video to amuse you all for this, the delicious day of Octoberween Prime! It is a production, by the Wondrous Windows Source Players, of The Castle of Otranto! You might remember that novel from day one. Click through for the video itself, in all its freeze frame glory (let’s be honest here — I wasn’t going to learn to fully animate a seven minute video in time).

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Lovecraft and the internet. Together… Well, since forever.

The moment has arrived – the time that possibly three or four people have been eagerly anticipating since I started this blog thingie here. For my first Octoberween, let’s talk about H. P. Lovecraft!

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It’s still Octoberween. I apologize for leaving you with nothing to distract from work last week, but I’m back! I’m still working on the ghastly secret project for Halloween itself. I accidentally made it harder for myself, but only realized that so far in it would be worse to start over now. So, yeah. But, for now, let’s talk about Batman. Yes, again. What, you have a problem with Batman? Why talk about Batman during Octoberween? Well, maybe I don’t have to justify that decision much. But I am taking the month into account. I want to talk about costumes.

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A week long hiatus

I am sorry about this, but this week we will not be exploring a new wonderful window. Instead, I will be busy toiling for your entertainment, and you’ll have to wait until next week for your dose of wonder. Or get it out of a can, whatever. I haven’t missed a Wednesday yet, and I started right at the beginning of the year, so I’ve been consistent so far, you can’t hold that against me. It’s Octoberween, as I mentioned last week, and I have something different in store for the day — which, if you haven’t been marking off the days, falls on a Wednesday this month. So. It’ll involve costumes, ghosts, deaths, and something strangely familiar…

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Tolkien and Horrible, Horrible Trees

OCTOBERWEEN! It’s Octoberween! Oh, shit, son, shit’s gonna go down. Everything is freaky, and cold, and basically it’s too cold out now so we need to freak each other out in order to want to hide under some covers.

I thought I wouldn’t do Tolkien posts every week. Here’s last week’s entry. I meant to do some stuff in between every post, but, uh, instead, I guess I’ll post on Tolkien again this week. But wait! I’ll also talk about Blackwood. You remember that guy, right? I talked about him once. OK, cool. So. Blackwood wrote two stories about murderous trees. And Tolkien has ents. So, hey, this post will write itself, right? Well, not really, but I noticed some interesting things as I read the stuff about the hobbits in the Old Forest.

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