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Lord of the Presents

Today is Christmas eve! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the date should be somewhat important to you? Why? Because on this day did Bilbo give unto Frodo a coat of mail and a knife, so small to men but large as a sword to a hobbit. Did you think I’d forgotten about The Lord of the Rings? Never. But not much happens in late reaches of fall. Winter has to come for the company to set forth from Rivendell. So I figured I should talk about The Lord of the Rings and Christmas, cause it’s sort of important. And yes, this post is happening on a Monday instead of a Wednesday. I was going to post it on Christmas? Ha! And Wednesday would be too late. Regular schedule next week.

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On that there Batman movie about rock-climbing

So I re-watched The Dark Knight Rises just recently, and figured maybe I should talk about that some. In this post! Economics, protest culture, and authoritarianism! Woo!

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Dungeons of Dreading Nostalgia. Also the undead.

So this one is pretty odd. I can’t say I know where it’ll end up by the time we’re finished. But it’s about Dungeons of Dredmor, and that should excite you right? But it’s about what the game produces in me as I play it, more than the game itself. It produces a nostalgia that, probably, I shouldn’t have any right to feel.

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All that gold and not one fashion designer on staff? For shame, Mr. Auric…

It seems as though I hardly need to tell you anything about Goldfinger, so famous is it. Other than the Brosnan movies, which I saw roughly as they came out (that is, as they came out months after release on home theater pay per view), I think Goldfinger is the first Bond film I saw. Probably it’s similar for others. But, hey, some of it is filmed in lovely Lexington, Kentucky. Felix eats at a KFC!

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