Monthly Archives: April 2013

When the background is the foreground

Or, What’s Wrong with Deus Ex: Human Revolution despite how well I like it so far.

That’s serious by the way, I’m really enjoying the game even though I’m not very far into it yet. If you’ve played it, I’ve made it to the FEMA building, so pretty much the second mission, though I cleared all the side-missions I could first. Anyway, my point this week is simple: Deus Ex seems like it has a great setting, but it needs to shut the hell up about it.

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On those who make sense of the world

Given my recent writing on the hardboiled detective tradition, I thought maybe I should go ahead and lay out some thoughts on the detective as a literary character. But this is meant to be a blog on SF/F, so I wondered how to work that in. Really, it wasn’t hard, as I had this idea already. It just struck me now was the time to write on it. So, I give you: wizards == detectives.

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Bioshock Infinite and the Hardboiled Tradition

So I finished Bioshock: Infinite recently. I suppose in paragraph one I should deal with some of the basics, given what I’ve seen online so far: Yes, I liked it. I thought it was better than the first Bioshock. No, I don’t mind it was linear, why would I? No, I don’t think it should have had multiple endings. Yes, I liked Columbia – better than Rapture. And I loved Booker and Elizabeth. And that’s where this post really starts. With Booker.

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