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Elves and humans and the loss of one’s soul

At some point I need to write about Gene Wolfe in my history posts, but this time I want to focus on two of his books and one of the several theses they advance. Specifically, his two work Wizard Knight books and what they say about the status of non-humans in fantasy.

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036 — Magic and Life Advice from that Dude who Invented Devil Horns

It’s been a while since I wrote about poetry or songs, so let’s try that out. Have you ever listened to Dio? In general, I mean. It would help if you’d listened to “Rainbow in the Dark” or “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” but, I mean, altogether, man. I said when I first started listening to Dio that I wished I had found out about him when I was fifteen, because shit, that would have been fucking awesome. As it is, it’s still pretty fucking great.

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filler post here

Actually, I do have an interesting link for you. It’s a claim that the study of science fiction provides all the evidence we need for rescuing the liberal arts. I thought that might interest you. However, my life continues to be pretty crazy. I got a new, weird job that I actually can’t tell you about yet, but I will be able to — and it will interest you if you’ve bothered to find yourself at this particular blog. And I have to rush home to actually get my things, as I only came to Memphis to visit, not to stay most of the rest of the summer working.

So I’ll try to get a post for you next week on time, and another extra to make up for this week. Until then!

035 — We Have Always Buried Coins to Cast Spells

OK, first, I feel like I should probably explain what happened last week. If you didn’t notice (and how could you have missed it?), I didn’t post anything last week. So, on the day of, Wednesday, I was driving to Memphis. The day before, I was packing. The day after, I was preparing for my dissertation defense, and ever since I’ve been getting used to not doing my dissertation any longer (yes, that means I passed). So I never got to put up a post in place of the one I missed. At a certain point it seemed like I should just wait until this Wednesday. But of course I spent today prepping everything for A: dissertation paperwork (I said it was done, not that I had gotten the graduate school to admit it was done) and B: a new job I’m in line to get. Yay. Anyway. Here’s my blog post. This time, on Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

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