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Batman Saga 2: Back from the Dead

We’re  gonna get all serious up in here for Christmas, by talking about the next installment of the Batman epic: Batman RIP.

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Batman Saga 0: Arkham Asylum

Last week saw the publication of Batman Incorporated 2, marking the end of seven years of Grant Morrison’s Batman writing. So naturally I bought it and commenced re-reading eleven volumes of the best comics. And I thought it was about time I blog about this thing, so let’s blog Batman! I am not going to do a post for every single volume, but instead on discrete elements in the narrative — that is, post 1 will likely be on both Batman and Son and The Black Glove, while post 2 will be on Batman RIP. However, this first post is actually #0, because it is a prologue of sorts, on Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.

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Alan Moore’s lessons on life, love, and wizardry

Hopefully you enjoyed Thanksgiving if you’re in America or an American elsewhere. If you’re not one of those things, you could have eaten way too much food last Thursday anyway, no one would have blamed you. What I’m saying, basically, is that Thanksgiving makes us all American, like St. Patrick’s Day makes us all Irish.

OK, all right, moving on. Have you heard of Alan Moore? I bet you have. He has an amazing beard, a history of being angry at companies, and oh yeah he wrote Watchmen. I once horrified a professor by saying I thought Watchmen was good, but kinda dated and not really the greatest comic book ever written — something the professor said unironically. It doesn’t help that I like Promethea waaaaayy more. So let’s talk about that comic instead!

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