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Bat-Saga 6: Batman and Robin Must Live Forever!

This week we wrap up Batman and Robin with the third volume, Batman and Robin Must Die! This volume marks the return of Bruce Wayne, but is not, uh, The Return of Bruce Wayne (that’s next week).

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Batman Saga 4: Batman and Robin will never die!

Sorry for the radio silence last week, I was very ill with this flu that’s going around. Going around where, you ask? Everywhere! Apparently, anyway. I am mostly better, except for the coughing, which remains after the illness is gone, yay. With that said, it’s time for the next post in out Batman epic! Batman and Robin!I

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Batman Saga (sort of) 3: We have come to the Final Crisis!

This post is on Final Crisis, which is not a Batman comic per se — Batman’s in it, certainly, but so is Superman and Black Lightning and a  lot of Green Lanterns and a bunch of Fourth World characters and, well, just about everybody, at least once. Hell, Zatanna appears in a single panel as one of the psychics trying to find an alternate universe. But in our sprawling Batman epic it’s important, even though it doesn’t focus on him entirely. So here we are, on the first day of the new year, dealing with this Final Crisis!

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