Monthly Archives: July 2014

On Lady Thor GodGender

So I’m about to put my foot in the latest fan mess on the internet: let’s talk a little about Thor.

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Half Life 2, manshooters, and setting/UI interaction

Nearly seven years after I purchased it, in a Target in Memphis, TN, I finally beat Half Life 2. I know, shocking. How did I finish a game so quickly? I only had to re-start once, even. Madness, madness. The game is not only great (you know that already), but a really interesting thing to have finished up right now, in the year of our lord 2014. Partly that’s to do with its relationship to its game genre, and partly it’s to do with its setting and sf/f elements.

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Deadpool again! Give him a hand for trying, folks.

Let’s finish off Deadpool! At least, the third and fourth issues of the 90s series we started talking about last week. This is the not-so-epic conclusion to the story of Black Tom’s mysterious (re: Macguffin) illness and the burgeoning (went nowhere) relationship between Deadpool and Siryn.

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