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042: History of Despair in Hawthorne’s Short Stories

Really inventive title, right?

This is indeed the 42nd history post on the site. A few are unnumbered, but you can hit up the tags, it’s right there. Anyway, our double-header today is on Hawthorne short stories!


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Back. . . to History! Clarke’s Ramans

I had no idea where to go after nine (sort of ten) weeks of Batman awesome. So let’s just talk about the latest SF novel I read, hey? That’s Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama.

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Halloween special 2013: Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness

It is nearly here. Halloween has come upon us like some wet, cold creature rubbing its fur against our legs while we scratch its gills and wonder which is real. They’re both real, and your pants are wet now. Let’s declare this a somewhat sacred tradition, this upcoming post. I wrote about Lovecraft last year, and I’ll probably write about him next year. So here you are, the 2013 WW post on Lovecraft. I’m sure you’re excited. It’s on At the Mountains of Madness.

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“Thank you Dr. Strangelove:” Damnation Alley and the American novel

You might remember Roger Zelazny from my Chronicles of Amber post. Here is another thing of his you absolutely have to read: “Damnation Alley.” Not the novel, the novelette. What’s the difference? According to Zelazny, he was talked into “fixing up” his short piece to resell as a novel, and he just wasn’t happy with it. I’ve read both, and the short version is definitely better, with no padding or extraneous stuff. Just amazingness. Now, what am I actually going to talk about, regarding “Damnation Alley?” It’s the purest expression of American SF.

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038 — Gaiman’s Sandman

Before I get started: IT’S JACK KIRBY’S BIRTHDAY! WOO!

OK, OK, I’m good…

So I’m re-reading The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Or, I should say, I’m re-reading the first half. Having never finished it, I could hardly re-read the last bits, could I? Anyway, I just finished volume three, which is the collection that houses the hodgepodge one-shot stories between The Doll’s House and Season of Mists. It’s hard to say if this post qualifies as a “history” post or not. I haven’t yet done much really recent stuff. I’d have to go over the whole archive to be sure, but I think there’s nothing more recent than (the beginning of ) Sandman labeled as a “history” post. But this comic is significant in the development of fantasy as we know it, so let’s call it that and move on, yes?

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036 — Magic and Life Advice from that Dude who Invented Devil Horns

It’s been a while since I wrote about poetry or songs, so let’s try that out. Have you ever listened to Dio? In general, I mean. It would help if you’d listened to “Rainbow in the Dark” or “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” but, I mean, altogether, man. I said when I first started listening to Dio that I wished I had found out about him when I was fifteen, because shit, that would have been fucking awesome. As it is, it’s still pretty fucking great.

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