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Bat-Saga 6: Batman and Robin Must Live Forever!

This week we wrap up Batman and Robin with the third volume, Batman and Robin Must Die! This volume marks the return of Bruce Wayne, but is not, uh, The Return of Bruce Wayne (that’s next week).

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Batman Saga 0: Arkham Asylum

Last week saw the publication of Batman Incorporated 2, marking the end of seven years of Grant Morrison’s Batman writing. So naturally I bought it and commenced re-reading eleven volumes of the best comics. And I thought it was about time I blog about this thing, so let’s blog Batman! I am not going to do a post for every single volume, but instead on discrete elements in the narrative — that is, post 1 will likely be on both Batman and Son and The Black Glove, while post 2 will be on Batman RIP. However, this first post is actually #0, because it is a prologue of sorts, on Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.

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Two Diverse Reactions to Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Fucking Life

This post is something we might call an investigation. In pedagogical terms, this is exploratory writing, in which I do not know the outcome of the piece at the time of its inception, but instead write in order to discover what it is I have to say or what I think. What I’m trying to say here is that I want to take you on a journey, with fights and gay roommates and more fights. Sooo… Remember Scott Pilgrim?

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On Realism in Fantasy and Joss Whedon’s Winifred & Wesley

This post is pretty much entirely brought to you by the song “Winifred” by Seth Boyer. Basically, I really got into this song, and as a result this artist. Looking up his stuff online, I learned that this song was, in fact, based on the events of Joss Whedon’s Angel season 5. I didn’t pick up on that at all, though the title reminded me of the character. Which reminded me of what I thought of the show. Which brings us here, to this post. I can’t really take us into the future, at least not in an introductory paragraph… I can, apparently, go from Joss Whedon to a thesis arguing that “realism” is not a method but a goal, and that fantasy does not pursue that goal defined in that way.

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The Radio Tells a Story about Your (Hopeless) Life

It’s still Halloween season, yo! While we all eagerly await the latest Scream Fortress update, I thought I could tell you about something you could be doing in the interim: listening to a podcast. Yes, probably you already know what I’m talking about — Welcome to Night Vale. So this isn’t really a recommendation. My recommendation is, why aren’t you already listening? Instead, I want to talk about its setting methods for my third 2013 Halloween post.

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filler post here

Actually, I do have an interesting link for you. It’s a claim that the study of science fiction provides all the evidence we need for rescuing the liberal arts. I thought that might interest you. However, my life continues to be pretty crazy. I got a new, weird job that I actually can’t tell you about yet, but I will be able to — and it will interest you if you’ve bothered to find yourself at this particular blog. And I have to rush home to actually get my things, as I only came to Memphis to visit, not to stay most of the rest of the summer working.

So I’ll try to get a post for you next week on time, and another extra to make up for this week. Until then!