A guide to this site

Or, a way to make sense of the blog here.

This is where you can find links to all the specific categories on Wondrous Windows, for your convenience. As the categories grow, you’ll find them all catalogued here, with helpful descriptions.

History of Fantasy (and SF): these posts chronicle the history of this genre (or genres) we love. Many of them are familiar, such as Frankenstein, but many might be strange to a lot of us, such as Castle of Otranto. Join me on my journey through the bloodlines of all these wonderful windows we gaze through.

Magic in literature and practice. Magic comes up a lot in my work, so I gave it its own category. I suspect this stuff might be the most interesting on the blog.

Thesis-driven posts: These are more traditional posts. Probably not as funny, they’re hopefully going to make you think a little. Everything from Lord of the Rings to Fallout 3 could show up here, so long as they made me think of something that I thought was interesting.

Recommendations: the simplest to explain. These are much like reviews, except with no scoring or other folderol. “Recommendation” does not necessarily mean I will like it.


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