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Bat-Saga 9: The End of Things

This is it! The end of the Bat-Saga! We have come a long way — through seven years of comics, through layers of hope and despair, and even through DC’s stupid collection decisions (note to anyone still working their way through the comics: There’s three volumes of Batman Inc, and they’re numbered 1, 1, and 2. Because that makes so much sense. I know the reasoning is that the latter two volumes are “New 52” and the other isn’t, but it’s still stupid. I know there have been people who got the wrong comics. I’m one of them, I accidentally skipped a volume and that’s why this post is a week late, I had to go to a comic shop, which involves a drive of at least two hours — PSA over). Now for the last year of Batman Incorporated and the end of the Bat-Saga as we know it!

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