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On Lady Thor GodGender

So I’m about to put my foot in the latest fan mess on the internet: let’s talk a little about Thor.

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Diving into the Past (via Ye Olde Longe-Boxe)!

So this is what I was talking about last time! I’m calling this inconsistent little feature “Ye Olde Longe-Boxe” (you can blame frequent commenter C-$ for that one), and it’s what it sounds like. I have some comics that are over twenty years old (never mind my habit of buying tons of back issues when I could find them when I was but a child), and sometimes I’ll dig down into them and find what sort of glory (or mess) we can discover together. Don’t expect this stuff every week, but hell, there are a lot of comics in there. I sorted through a bunch of comics and found what I think are some of the earliest I bought when I went out specifically to buy comics.

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Bat-Saga 9: The End of Things

This is it! The end of the Bat-Saga! We have come a long way — through seven years of comics, through layers of hope and despair, and even through DC’s stupid collection decisions (note to anyone still working their way through the comics: There’s three volumes of Batman Inc, and they’re numbered 1, 1, and 2. Because that makes so much sense. I know the reasoning is that the latter two volumes are “New 52” and the other isn’t, but it’s still stupid. I know there have been people who got the wrong comics. I’m one of them, I accidentally skipped a volume and that’s why this post is a week late, I had to go to a comic shop, which involves a drive of at least two hours — PSA over). Now for the last year of Batman Incorporated and the end of the Bat-Saga as we know it!

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Batman Saga (sort of) 3: We have come to the Final Crisis!

This post is on Final Crisis, which is not a Batman comic per se — Batman’s in it, certainly, but so is Superman and Black Lightning and a  lot of Green Lanterns and a bunch of Fourth World characters and, well, just about everybody, at least once. Hell, Zatanna appears in a single panel as one of the psychics trying to find an alternate universe. But in our sprawling Batman epic it’s important, even though it doesn’t focus on him entirely. So here we are, on the first day of the new year, dealing with this Final Crisis!

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Alan Moore’s lessons on life, love, and wizardry

Hopefully you enjoyed Thanksgiving if you’re in America or an American elsewhere. If you’re not one of those things, you could have eaten way too much food last Thursday anyway, no one would have blamed you. What I’m saying, basically, is that Thanksgiving makes us all American, like St. Patrick’s Day makes us all Irish.

OK, all right, moving on. Have you heard of Alan Moore? I bet you have. He has an amazing beard, a history of being angry at companies, and oh yeah he wrote Watchmen. I once horrified a professor by saying I thought Watchmen was good, but kinda dated and not really the greatest comic book ever written — something the professor said unironically. It doesn’t help that I like Promethea waaaaayy more. So let’s talk about that comic instead!

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Sad Clown in Gotham Town

Ah, it’s Halloween time. The time of imagination, where everyone can be a witch or a wizard or a demon or a prostitute. The way I try to live it up every day. So as with last year, I’ll try to focus on Halloween-y topics for the month of October, with the hopes we can all get into and keep the mood of the best holiday in mind, even if we’re too old to extort candy from our neighbors. This week I’ll discuss my deep abiding problems with Scott Snyder’s depiction of the Joker. Because, you know, he was supposed to be scary.

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