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When the background is the foreground

Or, What’s Wrong with Deus Ex: Human Revolution despite how well I like it so far.

That’s serious by the way, I’m really enjoying the game even though I’m not very far into it yet. If you’ve played it, I’ve made it to the FEMA building, so pretty much the second mission, though I cleared all the side-missions I could first. Anyway, my point this week is simple: Deus Ex seems like it has a great setting, but it needs to shut the hell up about it.

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cyberpunk humanity

Not a full length post, but I’ll take this opportunity to point you back to my weekend post, which was indeed full length, over here. Writing about Halting State got me to thinking about cyberpunk again.

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What if we made up a better world and forgot the old one?

Bit of a break from history this week. I want to recommend a recent book to you: Halting State by Charles Stross. And I want to talk about the ideas in it. So, recommendation – read the book. There’s that done. But have you ever considered what it means to read fiction?

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