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016 — oh God just step into a bar and buy a drink will you?

OK, so I’m talking about William Morris again. This time it’s not going to go so well. But let me lighten up your life a little before I drag you through a land of briars and disappointment. Here, look at this picture of William Morris. Just look at it. Damn, but he’s not fucking around, is he? That’s all I’ve got. Let’s start in on The Well at World’s End.

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008 — To Boldly Bang Ladies never Banged Before

So I talked last week about a writer who used archaic language really poorly. I suppose this week I should be fair and talk about someone who used it well, just so I don’t imply it’s impossible. Mind you, it almost never works out well. I have a few reservations about this author’s work as well, just not this particular novel. Oh well, no one really cares. So. Ever heard of William Morris? He made wallpaper.

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