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032 — Islands of Weird Stuff Dude, I Mean, Seriously, Did You See That?

Or, a book by William Hope Hodgson that doesn’t suck.

That’s right, it’s time to return to the history of fantasy and William Hope Hodgson. I’m sure you’re pleased. This is a kind of breakout crossover hit, or whatever they call those these days. What I mean by that is it’s sorta science fiction as well as fantasy. Or something. Look, the bookshelves in stores weren’t labeled separately like they are now back then so it didn’t matter. Boats of the “Glen Carrig.”

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007 — To dream a dream of, uh, dreaming things?

Have you ever been disappointed? I mean, you’ve gone into something and thought, wow, this’ll be great? Maybe it was some awesome sex you were going into, and then you found out your partner was actually a papier-mache model? That would be disappointment. For most people, anyway. I’m not even sure how it would work otherwise. I mean, I know there are people out there who’d like it, I’ve seen the internet, but how would it work? Would you have to craft the genitals yourself, or are we imagining a scenario where the prankster did that already? What kind of prankster would do that? Oh, right, The Night Land.

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